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Name: Somango Juice
Züchter: Beta Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Beta Seeds - Somango Juice

Somango Juice is a cross between two different selected phenotypes of the original Somango. A mostly Indica hybrid with fast flowering, and compact size, what makes a her a really good option to grow it indoors, in low height rooms, and outdoors, where being discreet is a must. Somango Juice has a high medical value, with THC percentage up to 24%, and high yields per crop, of dense flowers loaded with resin.

Genetics: Somango Juice is an explosion of tastes in your mouth that will transport you to the tropic. We have crossed two selected phenotypes of the original Somango. Both combined will bring you the tropicalest fruity juice of the market. Amazing !!!

Morfology: Somango Juice is a short and bushy plant, ideal for discreet gardens outdoors, and for grow-rooms with reduced height indoors. Its big and wide leaves, along with its quick flowering, and abundant resin, show its indica inheritance. Very resistant, easy to grow, ideal for beginer growers indoors and outdoors.

Organoleptic: Somango Juice is a smelly plant, its odours are detectable during flowering and even in vegetative phase. Carbon filters are a must.

Recomendations: For growers who like to get best yields, it is recommended to give her a minimum of 3 weeks of growing phase. Outdoors is an ideal plant for balcony and terraces. Thanks to its height is perfect for a discreet urban gardens.

Estimated yielding:
Indoors: 550g/m2 (600w)
Outdoors: 500g/plant (40l pot)
Flowering: 60-65 days
10 weeks 12/12 hours of light for indoors
2ª week of October for outdoors

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