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Soda Berriez Jazz

Soda Berriez Jazz

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Infos vom Züchter

Soda Berriez Jazz ist eine mostly indica Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±60 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) und draussen angebaut werden. Bean Boyz Genetics' Soda Berriez Jazz ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

Bean Boyz Genetics' Soda Berriez Jazz Beschreibung

Bean Boyz Genetics Soda Berriez Jazz So here we go again BBG Sic Mo Fuc's - Hit'n dat shit.. BEAN BOYZ STYLE!!! This time with a real nicezz rep of the "Plushberry" strain which was leaning towardz the sweet Black Cherry Soda side of things, with that unmistakable 'grape berry cream taste 'n smell' which was just reeking up everything it touches. Once we'd found her, we knew she was gonna be the one for our proven dj blue dad that had already created some great hybrids using his jazzypollen in our past BBG adventures!!

We came up with the ultimate berry indica leaning hybrid that has a great genetic potential for pink, purple and blue given the right pheno and with a little help from colder temps from week 6 on till harvest, some will turn fully purple but have the pink calyxes from the Black Cherry Soda influence.. Real bag appeal with this hybrid... The SBJ has a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks and yields from 2-4 ounces dep on skills and veg time .. There are some great phenoes but most will have inherited both traits perfectly and will be very sure to be one hell of cross.. we've call it the "SODA BERRIEZ JAZZ" cause of the jazzy "fusion explosion" of flavor terpenes that left our senses all jazzed up with her potency... Oh yes my Dankhearted friends, weep not for me Argentina, don't let these "purple influences" fool Jah, she has got quite the kick, but is great for any time of the day as her unique fruity-syrup taste will keep you coming back for more. We're as excited about this amazing new starin and are currently testing this stanky dank purple hybrid further, so far we have seen great results.. Finally these two powerhouse strains have met their match here at bean boyz and we're proud to offer 'm as a reg f1 hybrid that isn't going to be made again. Once we find our number one lady from this hybrid we will be making our dickdropping S1's so here is your chance to collect the original in reg form!

Weed em and Weep!!..

Pezzy Dread, CC, BeanBoyzGenetics, "A Place To Grow."
(Battz: I approve and support of this Canna message! LOL, great jobz Pezzz!)

Male: DJShort Blueberry
Female: Pushberry
Height: 3-6 feet
Weight: 2 - 4 ounces
Scent/taste: Fruity to the Jah max; cherriez, raspberriez, blueberriez, some ripe pear. Lipz smack'n!
Bud Density: Gooey, semi hard, great "bagshot" (cumshot).
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Sativa/Indica: 40/60

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