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Name: Skunk no.1
Züchter: Spliff Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~67 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Spliff Seeds - Skunk no.1

The Skunk no.1 has been used to form many, many new varieties. This is thanks to its GCA (General Combining Ability. Simply crossing a selected Skunk no. 1 pheno will improve almost any strain. She is an Afghani inbred-line polyhybrid with a heavy tendency to her cannabis Sativa parentage. She has a medium to high THC level.

As any Skunk she is very mould and disease resistant and is virtually screw-up proof. Skunk no.1 is quick to germinate, usually within a day. We advise a short 3 week vegetative period. There can be 3 phenos, but the high is the same for all of them. Easy to trim thanks to a great flower-to-leaf ratio. The Skunk no. 1 produces larges buds with an excellent calyx-to-leaf ratio. She is very similar to the Super Skunk. She is medium green and has medium broad leaves.

Smell of the buds is skunky and musky with a soft and sweet hint. The flavor is typical skunk with a touch of fruit. The smoke gives you a powerful, stimulating high. Medicinal value: stress, anxiety, nausea and muscle pain.

60% Sativa.
Genotype: Afghani x Colombian Gold x Thai.
Musky, soft skunk aroma and skunky, sweet fruity flavor.
Mold and disease resistant. Easy to grow. Easy to manicure.
Powerful, stimulating high.
Potential THC level: medium-high.

Flowering time indoor: 9-10 weeks
Harvesting outdoor: October-November
Plant height: Indoor 1.20-1.50m / Outdoor 1.80-2.50m
Yield: Indoor 450 gr/m² / Outdoor: 450-550 gr/plant
Growing difficulty: easy

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am 01.03.2018 um 09:29 Uhr:

Had a 5 pack all germinated within a few days only 1 survived the other died possibly due to damping off or a pathogen/virus, you don't need a long veg period and you should be prepared for quite a stretch round about 3 times the height at the switch. Buds grow fat and long but slightly airy common with sativa dom flowers. The aroma is more fruity then skunky and the taste is what one might label skunk, the taste was not really my style. Potency is on point makes a good wake n bake/day time smoke doesn't really aid with sleep.

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