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Name: Ski Patrol
Züchter: 303 Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~75 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

303 Seeds - Ski Patrol

Who is always on the lookout for you when you're hitting the slopes? The Ski Patrol. Whether you run from them while cutting the ropes, or are calling them for help after slamming into a tree, they are the doctors on the mountain. This strain is a tribute to the die hard men and women that distribute medicine and skill while riding or skiing, keep us safe and save our lives.

Wild West is the medicinal powerhouse combo of the two flagship strains from two of the best breeding houses in the business. Sensi and Serious have been innovating and changing the face of cannabis for decades now, and these are two of the worlds most highly touted strains. Patient selection and thorough testing was the key to this masterpiece, and took the better part of several years. Both of the parents for Wild West were heavy sativa phenotypes, and this strain takes the better part of 10 weeks to finish. Spicy haze flavor dominates, but the power and yield of the AK-47 shine through brilliantly.

A hybrid of the highest caliber, Wild West alone is one of our strongest medical strains. Combined to the Ski Train, we're seeing increased fruit haze terpene combos, increased resin, and some fabulous colors. The sativa highs of both parents compliment each other nicely, and with proper selection, this can easily be the "Holy Grail" of medical strains for sativa lovers looking for a dependable indoor producer. The Ski Train allows for a faster finish, although there are still some "grizzled veteran" 10+ week phenotypes in the 303 Seeds Ski Patrol.

Ski Patrol is recommended only to growers experienced with long flowering sativa dominant strains. Experience with selection is also recommended for this strain.

Mother: Wild West by 303 Seeds
Father: Ski Train
Genetics: [(Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds) x AK-47 (Serious Seeds)] x [(Arcata Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze) x Pakistan Chitral Kush]
Grow Difficulty: Difficult - Recommended for experienced growers
Phenotype: Sativa dominant
Indoor Flowering Time: 70-80 days

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