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Name: Sirius Skunk
Züchter: Pukka Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: ~53 Tage
Auch feminisiert verfügbar.

Pukka Seeds - Sirius Skunk

Type Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering 7-8 weeks
Yield 325-1000g/m2
F1 hybrid incorporating NL5, BigBud and Gian Haze. Resiliant indoors and out; a true all rounder. Has the uplift of Haze, the energy of Northern Lights 5 and stoning power of the BigBud. This disfunctional family creates an offspring that is 50% Gian Haze, 25% NL5 and 25% BigBud. All three parents are renowned producers so instead of having the best of one world you have the best of three. This is the doggen sirius stuff. You`d be barking mad to miss out on it.

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Pukka Seeds Sirius SkunkPukka Seeds Sirius Skunk

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