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S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1

S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (Sweet Seeds) :: Sorten-Steckbrief :: Indoor :: No.15778981767779946 by iwalktheearth :: Großer, gestreckter Phänotyp #1

Steckbrief für S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (von Sweet Seeds)

Dieser Steckbrief wurde am 25.06.2018 von angelegt und ist eine Einzelmeinung.

Informationen zum Wachstum der Pflanzen:

Stretch nach Einleitung der Blüte
±120 Prozent
Einleitung der Blüte im Schnitt bei 25 cm. - Endhöhe im Schnitt bei 55 cm.
unfassbar viele; lang sowie stark und kräftig.
Die Pflanzen dieser Sorte...
...benötigen Platz und sollten nicht zu eng gestellt werden.
...benötigen nicht viel Pflege.
...sind tolerant bei Über- oder Unterdüngung.
...sind anfällig für Pilzkrankheiten.
...sind nicht anfällig für Schimmel.
...mögen keine hohen Temperaturen.
...sind gut geeignet für sehr niedrige Grow-Räume.
...sind eine gute Wahl für Anfänger.
...bilden kaum ordentliche Buds an den Seitentrieben.

Ernte, Ertrag, Geschmack, Geruch, Stärke und Wirkungsweise

Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist nicht sehr gut.
Das Verhältnis von Blüten zu Blättern ist etwas unterdurchschnittlich.
Die getrockneten Buds sind durchschnittlich fest.
Stärke / Wirkungsdauer
Das Grass ist von mittlerer bis höherer Stärke.
Toleranz beim Rauchen
langsame Toleranzbildung.


Der Geschmack dieser Sorte ist/erinnert an


S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (Sweet Seeds)
(Indoor; Großer, gestreckter Phänotyp #1)

ist alles in allem nicht schlecht, aber nichts besonders
(Im Schnitt 6 Punkte auf einer Skala zwischen 0 und 10 !)

Weitere Informationen

iwalktheearth meint

She was apart of my first grow, she had 4 siblings all growing together. A slow start with a good root and in Auto going a nice pace getting fat and pacing herself, after about a month she started to spurt, she took off so fast; in her bed of soil and organic compost mix, I started feeding her dripplets of liquid fert in each water and she responded well to little feeds but didn't like big feeds, she made an almost perfect shape (best way to describe would be like a jewish candle) small flowers at the points that were the first to appear and took the longest to mature, the buds all-though small; almost raspberry size were hard and fat and didn't grow much bigger; they just seemed to stay stuck in time; all-though she didn't give me a huge yield the sheer power of her little nugs gave my head a spicy hot stone that was long lasting and knocked me on my ass; as a medicinal she has the potential to help the darkest of souls. It may have been the seed; the pheno stretched high with large spaces of nothing but stem, she wasn't chasing light she had 700 watts and over 10,000 lumens on a schedule of circa 14-15-16-17 hours. She could take full light no problem and gave some unique purple coloration. It's worth the wait if you care for good medicine, just don't get dissapointed with her yield, as a comparison, a smaller widow auto from (secret) went in after she did (almost one month head start) made more buds in less time and though her uniform was not perfect she didn't stalemate at all or cease to grow on the same diet and in the same tent.

The smell of the buds are enough to tell you that they are potent little ones, a hot flushing snake bite that soothes the soul and keeps the mind steady.

I suspect the seed so when I grow her again I will give you the second log update. Don't give up on her though, she is a little angel :)

I'm not the worlds greatest grower but I do not out-do myself with any stupid ideas

though in her last month she had some diluted tea with sugar as did the other girls, no issues just a vitamin suppliment of red african tea. (I advise it, because I like it) and not overdone on nutes at all.
(25.06.2018 um 07:38 Uhr)