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Name: Royal Purple Kush
Züchter: BCO
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~63 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Breeder Choice Organisation - Royal Purple Kush

Purple Kush #1 is a new introduction to the BCO lineup for 2009 seasons and beyond, it as wonderful combination of two of our most proven breeding lines. For a number of years we have worked with the Pure Purple Haze mother, a true Purple that combines a simply incredible quality of high with divine deep, aged burgundy wine flavours. The Purple Haze mothers have been combined with our Pure Purple Chitrali #1 males, themselves proven in multiple BCO hybrids to date.

Our goal from the outset of the original combination of these plants was to capture the quality of high, beauty and amazing depth of tastes of the Purple Haze mother. Through careful painstaking selections and tested combinations we have found a group of plants that allow us to deliver these truly special traits in a Indica dominant plant form for the indoor grower, and those seeking simply the finest Purple herb's.

For the outdoor grower, these plants grow to large framed xmas tree shapes and produce huge yields of very dense Purple herb's that are impervious to rain induced moulds. For the indoor grower, the plants will grow to smaller tighter profile and produce very large central Cola's. Indoors or outdoors the finished flowers are off a outstanding quality with a deep beauty from their 'Royal Purple' Colors. The majority of plants will show deep purple colours with many possible shades between pink, mauve and deep purples. The most common colour is as shown, a very distinct Royal Purple colour in flowers over a lighter green leave with purple candy striped stems making for a extremely pretty plant.

Although extremely beautiful, the flowers are equally special in their quality of high. A really deep, profound and moving experience that has little centre or ceiling. To many these may be Sativa dominant in style, but they deliver a significant body too. Very potent and long lasting herbs, they are extremely good mind and motivational medicine, for body and soul. With a huge smile on your face you will feel deeply relaxed, expanded and with your mind exploring. They are a fantastic social herb, with great vibe.

The depth of taste of Royal Purple Kush is hard to put into words, it is the true taste of the legendary Pure Purple Haze and from the first intake the flavour will astound with its depth and effect. The smoke is so thick and rich that quite literally she coats your mouth and sense's in a deep cloud of pure Wine/Grape/Candy making your mouth coated with what feels like oil. The flowers will drip their Purple Oils if squeezed and the resin stems through to heads are often fully purple.The taste will linger for hours on your lips and palette.

Once tasted, this herb will never be forgotten it is a truly divine experience and truly represents the very best of the Purple Haze tastes in a easy to manage, higher yielding form.

Type: Indica / Sativa hybrid
Genotype: Purple Haze/Chitrali #1(F2) x Chitrali #1 x Chitrali #1
Indica / Sativa x Indica x Indica, 70% Indica
Indoor/Greenhouse: 8 - 10 Weeks
Outdoor finish: October, 40 degrees latitude and South.
Odor level: Medium
Mite resistance: Medium
Mould Resistance: High
Stretch: 3x and greater
Yield: High

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