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Infos vom Züchter

Romulan ist eine mostly indica Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±56 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) und draussen angebaut werden. Next Generations Romulan ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

Next Generations Romulan Beschreibung

Next Generation Seed Company Romulan The Romulan is a legend, a medical and personal favorite to many. This BC original has increased in size and vigor. The Romulan is a squat growing strain known for its overwhelming narcotic stone. It has large dark green leaves, purple stock and leaf stem with frosty buds that are hard and dense. Strong piney smell, a must have for the connoisseurs head stash, pure breeding genetics. Recommended medical strain.

As seen in Skunk, Cannabis Culture and High Times magazines.

Indoors: 8 weeks
Outdoors: Mid to late October

The Romulan is a legend in BC and the Pacific North-West. It was originally breed and grown in the Victoria, BC area. Now it is a favorite for medical clubs all over North America. There are qualities of this strain that are sedative and very helpful with patients that have pain from nerve and muscle damage, also useful in treating seizieres. The quality of the buds are second to none and its our #1 recommended strain for medicinal users.

The Romulan by Next Generation Seed Company is made with the original `Romulan Joe` Romulan cutting. They have kept it alive since recieving it from Joe almost 10 years ago. The male is an 8th generation Backcross that was selected from a large seed run(500 seeds). At this time most of the Romulan crosses are with this strong male, the flavour and potency of the Romulan is very dominant in its crosses. However, the growing structure tends to follow that of the female parent making for more potent better producing hybrids. There are plans on producing more crosses with the original Romulan cutting very soon. Romulan has beautiful colors in cooler temperatures.

On avereage the Romulan seedlings don`t like to be overwatered. Large PH fluctuations also disrupt growth of Romulan more than with others. However the potency of this strain make it a keeper. Romulans already strong scent and wonderful aroma is drastically increased by slow drying and properly curing.

During the last large seed run, another special seedling stood out from the rest. It was faster flowering than all the others by a week and was about 30% bigger. We kept a copy of this special Romulan Seedling and it is now the mother of the `Romulan Max`. Its production level is the same as top producers like NL#5 and Hashplant. It may not be as strong as the original Romulan but at least its still stronger than most other strains around.


Roumours and guesses on the parentage of Romulan abound. Claims that the Romulan is a pure Indica (Afgani/Kush) are mistaken. While there may be some genetics from Indica (Afgani) varieties, anyone who has tryed the Romulan knows that the mind warping effect is that of plant with strong sativa traits. `Romulan Joe` and I have had many conversations on the origin of this strain. According to him the original breeders started growing in there backyard and greenhouse in the 50`s, after being introduced to cannabis in the Korean war and bringing home seeds to Victoria. They struggled to grow and acclimatise these seeds selecting the faster flowering shorter plants from the tall lanky Korean strain. When the late sixties, early seventies rolled around they began trying Columbian and Mexician seeds and hybredized varieties from these. In the mid 80`s when the Afgani strains sweept into North America they breifly tried hybredizing with these but eventually when back to selecting the traits they liked in there old genetics. They worked mainly with Sativa genetics but always selected shorter squatter phenotypes which has made many people think that it is purely Indica strain. But whatever its true geniology is, I`m sure we can all agree on its great taste and high.

Over the last few years NGSC has grown several seed varieties from Columbia and has reported on one the was remarkably simular in flavour and affect as the romulan, but grows tall like a sativa. It was a Columbian Red variety that is now the basis for the new seeds A.D.D. from thier Gold Seal Collection, very heady strain. This has brought more circumstantial evidence that leads us to believe that the Romulan has a strong Columbian influence.

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Romulan Sortensteckbriefe

Wir haben Rezensionen / Steckbriefe von einem Gärtner zu Romulan gesammelt.

Gesamteindruck Indoor

Blütezeit Indoor
56 - 64 Tage (±60 Tage)
Ernte-Menge Indoor
Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist etwas überdurchschnittlich
Gesamteindruck Indoor
Romulan ist alles in allem es gibt bessere Sorten
Stärke / Wirkungsdauer
Das Grass ist nicht zu stark und nicht zu leicht
User Bewertung
Romulan kommt im Durchschnitt auf 4.67 von 10 möglichen Punkten!

Bekannte Phänotypen:

  1. kleiner, kompakter, schnell blühender, indica-lastiger Phänotyp #2
  2. großer, gestreckter, schnell blühender, indica-lastiger Phänotyp #1
  3. kleiner, kompakter, langsam blühender, sativa-lastiger Phänotyp #3

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Romulan Rau(s)ch-Bericht

Unsere Besucher haben Romulan verkostet und ihre Eindrücke bezüglich Aroma, Geschmack und Wirkung von Next Generations Romulan hochgeladen. Hier eine kurze Übersicht - und klicke auch auf die Kreisdiagramme, um eine genaue Beschreibung zu erhalten und ähnliche Cannabissorten zu finden!

Geruch / Aroma

~21% Grapefruit ~7% Tabak ~24% Zitronig ~18% Organisch ~53% Sauer ~37% Bitter

Das Aroma / Der Geruch von Romulan kann am besten als durchaus Sauer (leicht Zitronig) und Bitter (leicht Organisch) beschrieben werden. more


~13% Süß ~46% Sauer ~20% Würzig ~20% Bitter

Der Geschmack der Romulan wurde als durchaus Sauer und zusätzlich als ein wenig Würzig, Bitter und Süß angegeben. more

Effekt / Wirkung

~21% Entspannend ~64% Beruhigend ~25% Geistig ~76% Körperlich

Romulan wirkt zuerst kräftig Körperlich (Beruhigend) aber wirkt auch ein bisschen Geistig (Entspannend). more

Romulan Galerie

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Romulan Ahnenforschung / Stammbaum

Romulan Stammbaum-Karte

Zeige alle Eltern der Sorte Romulan in unserer dynamischen Karte

Romulan Hybriden & Kreuzungen

Wir haben 13 direkte Nachkommen von Next Generations Romulan in der Seedfinder-Datenbank gefunden, hier eine kurze Übersicht. Um alle Hybriden und ihre Nachkommen zu sehen, besuche bitte unsere Romulan Genealogie-Seite und schau Dir alle direkten Nachkommen an, die Kreuzungen - und alle nachfolgenden Generationen.

Romulan Sativa
Romulan x Titans Haze probably
Northern Romulan
Northern Lights x Romulan
Blueberry Punch
Blueberry x Romulan
Romulan x Sweet Skunk
Romulan Cheese
Cheese Probably x Romulan
Romulan Diesel
Romulan x NYC Diesel
Romulan Grapefruit
Romulan x Grapefruit
Romulan Hashplant
Romulan x Hash Plant
Romulan Haze
Romulan x Super Silver Haze
Romulan Maxx

Karte der Romulan Nachfahren

Wenn du an einem grossen Bildschirm sitzt und nicht am Handy, schau dir auch unsere dynamische Karte mit allen bekannten Romulan Kreuzungen und Nachfahren an! (aber es kann eventuell ein bisschen dauern bis alle Daten geladen und verarbeitet wurden!)

Kommentare zu Romulan

Alles in Allem haben wir 2 Benutzerkommentare über Next Generations Romulan zusammengetragen. Leider ist bisher kein einziger Kommentar auf Deutsch verfasst worden, deswegen zeigen wir dir hier ersteinmal die Englischen Kommentare:

- 06.09.2020

This is a great plant to grow indoors. I sprayed the plant once a week with Epsom Salt. There was little damage to the leaves. Its best maybe in the future to spray the plants with the lights off.

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- 16.10.2011

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big results from small space

excellent medical properties but bland tasting

far too prone to mould and powdery mildew

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