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Name: Purple Heart
Züchter: SnowHigh Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~95 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

SnowHigh Seeds - Purple Heart

Purple Heart: Romulan (Original cut) x Vietnam Gold(Vietnam Black x G13 Black Widow x Schrom(Romulan x Colombian Gold)

I acquired the Romulan cut from a close friend and respected breeder. He received it from a reputable source to be genuine. In 97 when the first cannabis clubs started popping up I got some from a friend who was bringing in loads from Arcata, California. This was the special stuff, which I was able to purchase and it was Romulan. It was different, it gave you a great body effect, feeling good, lots of euphoria, It was narcotic but relaxing, the high is intense as well but balanced so you don’t get paranoid or anxiety. Years later I travel the world, visiting all kind of countries. The 1980’s seed banks had changed the landscape of the home grower and commercial types. Many of the killer strains had gone away in place of “Brand” named strains. At first they were good, but it did not take long for the strains to lose that edge and potency, many of the strains did not hold up and became bland.

What many people know of as Romulan is actually Romulan x White Rhino. The White Rhino is a loved strain by many.. I am not a fan, it has got no taste, it doesn’t yield well enough for my tastes and sure it has got showy resin glands all over it but that only makes one pissed off thinking you’re going to the moon when you barely get off your couch.

It was going to be my hope that I was going to be able to bring back the Romulan in a more pure form from one of the original cuttings that came from Mendocino. I lost the cutting before I could root another one but I was able to keep the mother and pollinate her with my Vietnam Gold male which has a form of Romulan in it. All in all I think you will enjoy the Purple Heart. In the coming years I hope to honor the veterans and all those that served with a deserving strain that helps people with their injuries either physical or mental. This will be a **Limited Release** Until the line is as it should.

Purple Heart the strain forms multiple long colas, on a medium sized bush. The leaves tend to be light to dark green while the flowers turn dark purple to red purple as the Purple Heart strain matures. Clear active high, that is thought provoking and motivational yet leaves one relaxed and free from stress.

Flower time range 10-14 weeks+
Stretch 1 to 2x
Resin production: high
Odor: 7
Aroma: Honey Suckle, Mint, menthol, cedar, hardwood, some grape gum
Potency: 9
Modern Heirloom Landrace Poly-Hybrid

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