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Pineapple Banana Bud

Pineapple Banana Bud

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Pineapple Banana Bud ist eine sativa Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±70 Tage Blütezeit benötigen), draussen und im Gewächshaus angebaut werden. Green Mountain Seeds' Pineapple Banana Bud ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

Green Mountain Seeds' Pineapple Banana Bud Beschreibung

Marriage of two wonderful landrace strains: Hawaiian sativa and Mulanje Malawi, producing a pure sativa hybrid which is super easy to manicure, of awesome flower to leaf ratio, and dense massive buds laden with crystals.

The flowers have an appealing sweet, floral, hashy and fruity aroma reminiscent of pineapple, cotton candy and menthol, delivering a potent and immediate up, social and creative clean effect.

For outdoor grows, these plants are recommended for Mediterranean climates only.

For indoor grows, the plants will finish in as little as 70 days under led heavy in the red spectrum.

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Alles in Allem haben wir 2 Benutzerkommentare über Green Mountain Seeds' Pineapple Banana Bud zusammengetragen. Leider ist bisher kein einziger Kommentar auf Deutsch verfasst worden, deswegen zeigen wir dir hier ersteinmal die Englischen Kommentare:

FirrstSmoke - 11.04.2019

Confirmed purchaser of finished Pineapple Banana Bud here.

I have not yet had a chance to grow this strain as it is very new. Just released
to Ace Seeds within the last month or so.

The high from this plant is right in my wheelhouse of enjoyment.

I can say that this is exceptional smoke. It is beautiful, especially when viewed up close with a good Loupe. The taste is excellent and the buds are tight

The high is extremely euphoric with a nice core of positive energy. The Malawi aspect of this variety comes thru in the high. Malawi can be overpowered and can cause some paranoia and anxiety on the way up to the psychedelic type high. This cross has eliminated that completely, while adding that wild ride feeling to the Hawaiian style high.

Yes, This morning and review happening under the influence of the early morning bong hit of Pineapple Banana Bud and a shot of Perfetto.

Hard to beat this bud as a early morning bong hit.Add an Espresso and you have yourself the start of a day with great possibilities.

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tropics - 29.01.2019

Pineapple Banana bud Got it's name in part due to her Hawaiian heritage and her occasional pineapple fragrance.
And banana bud because again in part to her Hawaiian beginnings in on the big island where she was known as banana bud, because of her long curved golden colored curved spears.
Pineapple Banana Bud does best with a four week veg period at 24 hours of red heavy LED grow light at 300W per three square feet. If pampered properly with good organic amended soil proper grow temps and good humidity he should be ready for sexing around this time, especially if restrained in 1 quart starter pots. From there Pineapple Banana bud can go right into 5 to 8 gallon pots. and flower initiation can immediately commence. Recommended going directly into 11.5 hours of light for the first 7 weeks then down to 11 hours light to finish for best results. Under HID light may flower longer.
Pineapple Banana bud Does not stretch terribly if these guidelines are followed. But if you a giving her proper growth and flowering parameters she will need to be staked a supported to hold up the massive easy to manicure, heavy flower to lea ratio buds.

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