Piff Coast Farms
Piff Coast Sour Diesel
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Piff Coast Sour Diesel (Piff Coast Farms)

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Piff Coast Farms Piff Coast Sour Diesel Bild Info

Piff coasts Sour is some straight dank. I have been looking for the past few years to find that real sour(like a lot of people) and most of the cuts out there just aren’t the same as 05-07 with some just flat out bland or even fruity. Definitely some gas if you know what you’re doing and didn’t start growing yesterday. I popped one pack of the pcsd f2 and 10 out of 10 popped up straight into soil without germination(only found one male tried to clone it but it didn’t take). I really wanted to grow them out at my property in Sonoma where sour was a main staple for years but had already reached the maximum amount of plants I could have so I grew them in my backyard in the South Bay. They were so vigorous I had to bend and break branches to keep them from popping over the fence probably got supercroped a dozen times haha. The whole neighborhood smelled like skunky soury dankness with one of my stoner neighbors commenting saying what strain you growing it smells like some KGB(killer green bud) which in the end it most definitely was. I can’t wait to see what the sour bx1s have in em and look forward to seeing what else piff creates in the future.

Piff Coast Farms Piff Coast Sour Diesel

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