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Name: Pie Breath
Züchter: Staykeyed Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~56 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Staykeyed Seeds - Pie Breath

Pie breath is a exclusive breed from Staykeyed seeds. Bringing together two beautifully growing Og hybrids. both with there own qualities, the Female parent being Ghost pie, she had been a strong growing pheno from a freebie pack from Inhouse seeds pollinated by a male Alien breath which had tremendous growth similar to the purple alien breath pheno, which was the strongest, most hardy, heavy producing Alien breath Female out of the line. The ghost pie had full flower production with heavy dense full buds, piney/spicy taste with cherry lingering flavor. The Alien breath is incredibly fragrant like a sour chemdawg with hint of citrus, flowers being more fluffy with alot of spears, not the best flower/leaf ratio but the Ghost pie being bred into such will help. Heavy yeilds if trained properly. intermediate grow techniques required

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