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Persian Delight ist eine mostly indica Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±60 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) und draussen angebaut werden. Strayfox Gardenz' Persian Delight ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

Strayfox Gardenz' Persian Delight Beschreibung

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Origins and Backstory: A collaboration between Bodhi Seeds and Strayfox Gardenz, Persian Delight (aka Deep Line Alchemy #6) is a cross of an Iraqi female from the village of Ranya, and Bodhi’s famous 88G13HP male. The Deep Line Alchemy series is a line from Bodhi of varying landrace hashplants crossed to his 88G13HP male—a known hashplant. The Iraqi Ranya was supposedly brought back from Iraq by Strayfox’s brother, a veteran serving overseas.

Appearance: There is no mistaking it, DLA 6 is a hashplant. Buds appear almost bleached they are so heavily coated by trichomes and gland heads. The plant puts out dense grenade tops that looked like they could harbor mold in more humid climates. She handled my Colorado room like a champ though, and her buds were completely free of mold and rot, but were uber-dense and resinous. The grenade shape, heavy resin coverage, and almost white-color make for an impressive bag or jar appeal.

Aroma: The scent of the growing plant was fairly unimpressive right up until harvest—generically sweet, hashy, and spicy. However, after fully ripening and slow-drying, the aroma dramatically evolves for the better—a perfect example that you really can’t judge keepers until you’ve smoked them. Overall, I think a jar smells like chocolate chip scones. It is sweet but neither overly-so nor candied, spicy, vaguely smelling of baked goods and definite vanilla bean. DLA 6 smells like scones or bread, more sweet than savory, and there is a Hershey chocolate-like quality that makes me think scone. There are other less-remarkable notes of dirty feet, moth balls, tennis balls, old carpet, and the Utah desert. It gives the herb some musty characteristics that bring to mind the ancient civilization it comes from.

Flavor: Very much like the aroma, the flavor is mild but pleasant, with emphases on spice-like hashy notes and southern biscuits. The flavor is not as sweet as the aroma, and the sense of chocolate as well as that of scone is unfortunately lost. This tastes like a high-end hashplant from some of the earlier days of cultivation. It is spicy, very hashy, and actually is unusually well-layered for a hashplant. There are a few different dimensions of spice, none of which are familiar to me from culinary endeavors, but nonetheless enjoyable. All in all, a nice selection of hashy flavors. The flavor is a bit dry, and is nice but not the strong point.

Effects: This herb is about as stereotypical couchlock indica as you can get. She is pretty potent, with potential to knock one into a temporary coma—it’s great for end of the day relaxation, sleeping, physical pain, anxiety (only taken in small doses though), and melting face. The come-up can be a bit slow, and honestly can almost be frustrating in some ways. I smoked a bowl before a movie, and really didn’t feel much of a stone. I began to pack another, did some things quickly around my apartment, and by the time I sat down to smoke the second bowl, I was too high to take another hit. I ended up just setting the fully packed bowl down, began to watch the movie, and fell asleep very quickly. If you manage to go through the full effects without sleeping, they can last nearly all day. Once you smoke DLA6, you will move a bit slower until the next day—a mental molasses of sorts.. The stone builds up to full effect maybe 30 minutes in, and the full potency is felt. I can feel a throbbing in my face and head, and thoroughly feel put at peace in my own world. DLA6 is to be treated as any deeply stoning indica in regards to effect. Very strong, medicinal effects.

Overall: This is a fairly unique hashplant that is novel and pleasantly surprising in some ways. The plant itself is a very easy grow, plants are reasonably vigorous with great structure and an acceptable yield. The bag appeal of finished flowers is exceptional, and I imagine this is a hash-maker’s dream of a plant. The aroma and flavor are the highlights, but the effect is almost perfect for most nightcaps. I love the chocolate scone aroma from a jar of finished flowers, and it really is a unique one to have on the shelf. I do find myself reaching for this one at the end of most nights, as the cloudy, relaxed, and extremely sleepy effect tends to overpower any previous highs or just general anxiety. All in all, Deep Line Alchemy #6 is a plant worth growing and possibly breeding with—but on its own, it won’t be taking any Cups/Titles soon.

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