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Paradise Island

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Paradise Island
Canna Fam
indoor, outdoor
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

As featured in SKUNK magazine November issue for high yield!

We were able to produce our colorful Paradise Island by offering our F1 male the opportunity to pollinate our Chocolope, a beautiful gold-tinted and high yielding phenotype of a strain that has been around for decades.

We’ve seen two common phenotypes expressed from Paradise Island. One mimics the Chocolope in bud size and structure, but with closer internode spacing and an explosion or color and grape aroma. The other phenotype reveals similar traits as far as taste, smell, and colors, but the flowers and plant structure grow closer to that of the grandparents in the F1 father, taking on the size of the Wonder Woman and the bud shapes and internode spacing of the Grape Ape.

Plants grow be medium to tall and start producing trichomes fairly early. Switching from vegetative growth to flower when branches are already tall may produce colas that outgrow the canopy, but colas won’t continue to grow into the first weeks of flower like with many Sativa strains. Instead, growth slows down as they begin to flower, much like with an Indica plant.

This is a strain that can be used during the day by most people like a Sativa without the anxiety that Sativas can sometimes produce, but it does have some relaxing qualities, so hang in there. This is a strain I like to use when I’ve got a lot to do and a lot on my mind, it helps me to stay balanced mentally and to focus on what’s in front of me, which includes helping me to be a better parent to my children.

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