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Pablos Gold
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly sativa
~100 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Brand: Breeders Choice Brand - CannaSeur project
Lineage: UK Cheese / Colombian GoldBud x Colombian GoldBud

Parental Information
UK Cheese clone as grown by Pistils for some 9 years is the female side of the original 'Pablos Cheese' released by CannaSeur.Com.

The Father of the Pablos Cheese - Colombian GoldBud created for Breeders Choice Brand.

The parental of the P1 Colombian 'Goldbud' (two Colombian Highland Sativas from the region famed for its Colombian Gold exports) are documented here on the bay, as is their collection by us in 2002, they are not true landraces selected from wild plants, these are from Heirloom farmer maintained lines. The key difference there of course, is that the Farmer maintains the lines through generations selecting favorite or otherwise plants for their Drug properties only.

In the location of collection, these are not commercial lines, there is no space, time or other constraint upon the farmer other than to produce the finest quality. These are some of Colombia's finest farmed lines, serious connoiseur Sativas.

In raw form, they are incredible outdoors in the right conditions, but, indoors they are a handful and produce only a fraction of the yields of full size plants. Hence, breeders since the 70's have attempted to capture those true, legendary Sativa traits in easier to manage hybrid forms indoors.

The project was begun in 2009 with a small population of 50 plants from F1 seed stocks.

These where overwintered, both in Tunnels and outdoors during plague tests. Plants where deliberately exposed to PM and selections where made against this. Plants where put through many tests and selection pressures to identify truly elite plants for the F2 generation of Pablos Cheese for CannaSeur.Com.

The selected females for Pablos Cheese F2 where pollinated by Breeders Choice's selected GoldBud male. A male that has been proven in many other in and out-crosses made by myself, some of which include released lines, such as: Cranberry Haze and SoulFruit

Thus this hybrid can be considered as a 1st Backcross to 'Colombian GoldBud' of the Pablos Cheese.

Indica/Sativa %: Sativa Dominant
Bloom Length: c100 Days +/- 10%
# of Phenotypes? 3

Describe each phenotype expression:
Three females selected for the Pablos Cheese F2 generation where used in the creation of this line, hence there are 3 distinct phenotypes present in the line. At this point in time, I have only tested 10 female plants, therefore I'm not in a position to give precise percentages of the female phenotypes present in 10 seeds at this point.

Pheno#1 reflects the slightly shorter, more dense expression of Pablos Cheese F1. Flowering for approximately 85 - 90 Days. More Sandlewood, forest flavors, but sweeter with noticeable carry over of the floral traits of the Colombian Goldbud.
Pheno#2 reflects the more 'Cheese' Skunky types of the F1 Pablos, very big high yielding plants. Although the Cheese, strong Skunk terpenoids of the original mother carry over these are reduced and sweetened by the Colombian Goldbud. Together these combine very nicely in this back-cross and deliver a 'light Cheesecake' type taste. Flowering slightly longer than phenotype 1 at circa 95 - 100 days.
Pheno#3 reflects my favorite plants within the 'Pablos' genepool, the more grapey 'GoldBud' types found in the F1 population. Here in this first backcross the grapey, port wine terpenoids are increased dramatically. This phenotype flowers longest, will show the most stretch during flower and most Sativa traits of the line. Longer internodes carry a dense floral structure across long limbs resulting in highest yield potential.

Generic growth traits of the line:
As can be expected in a backcross to a pure Sativa from a Sativa dominant, the 'Colombian Goldbud' traits are drastically increased. All plants will show pronounced Sativa traits, meaning big stretch, longer internodes and increased flowering times. In addition, the resistance to high fertilizer loads that F1 Pablos Cheese can handle is reduced and these plants do best with lower levels of N in their feeding mix, however they remain gross feeders and will require light feeding throughout their lifetime. Expect mostly Sativa type plants and be prepared to train indoors to limit vertical stretch. Plants have not been tested in Hydroponic systems at this point in time, only in a Bio Organic garden and they respond very well to light feeding and 'potting on' during the flower phase.

Finished cured flowers are reminiscent of the Pablos Cheese F1 but all carry more sweeter, rose through to Port wine flavours of the 'Colombian GoldBud' line.

Quality of High:
Pablos Cheese is well documented around the BBAY community by many growers and other breeders. By creating this back-cross to the 'Colombian GoldBud' we have significantly increased the Sativa properties of the line. There is much less 'Skunk' traits in the mix and the high is much clearer with vastly increased ceiling. Pablos Cheese F1 has a strong punch with the cloudy effects of the UK Cheese present. Within Pablos Gold, this cloudy effect is removed and almost non existent, a much more Sativa high which reflects the 'GoldBuds' dreamy, smooth, psychedelic properties and these traits are common across all phenotypes.

Stretch: 3x and more
Resin Profile: Copious Resin
Odour Score: 8
Odour Description: See phenotype descriptions
Flavour Score: 9
Flavour Description: See Phenotype descriptions
Potency Score: 9
High Type: Almost pure Colombian Sativa effects

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