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Infos vom Züchter

P85 Bx ist eine indica/sativa Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±58 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) und draussen angebaut werden. Annunaki Genetics' P85 Bx ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

Annunaki Genetics' P85 Bx Beschreibung

Annunaki Genetics P85 Bx In our endeavor to create another winner for outdoor cultivation, we started with our two favorite outdoor varieties to create our new P85 Backcross or Bx, hence P85 Bx.

What is P85 Bx? Well, lets first establish what P85 is before moving on to the “Bx”.

Purple Legends-Ultimate-Indica (LUI) X Bubblegum, a cannabis cultivar gifted to us by an outdoor farmer from California, is our most treasured outdoor variety. It has been the foundation for our outdoor seed-line thus far, and since she is such a proven performer and makes frequent appearances in our crosses we find ourselves repeating that mouthful of a name that defines her: Purple Legends-Ultimate-Indica X Bubblegum. As this cross came from the efforts of another (or others), we were disinclined to rename it. For years, we tried tracking down any official attributions or even nicknames for this superb hybrid without any luck. If we were to hazard a name, we thought better to make it short and easy, and we decided on P85! Since she is a quick finisher in the garden, some in our crew thought of another quick finisher… on the road (or the great outdoors): the Tesla Model S P85. While it may seem like a stretch naming a plant after a vehicle, these two do share some commonalities: both are incredibly quick on the throttle… and once that momentum gets going there is no stopping them… quietly and swiftly finishing well before other big-name “legacy” brands out there. Plus she is a beauty to behold!

The paternal parent in this cross, which gives P85 its “Bx”, is one of our favorite cannabis varieties of all time: our very own Sunlounger (P85 x Huckleberry Soda), which is also a photosensitive plant. The full P85 Bx lineage reads as [Purple Legends-Ultimate-Indica x Bubblegum] X [Black Cherry Soda x Huckleberry Hound]. How’s that for a mouthful!?

By crossing two of our favorites together, we hoped to see more of the same desirable traits in these P85 Bx seeds. After growing them out, we are very pleased with the results! The phenotypes range from short and squat to tall and lanky, with 75% of the phenos throwing sundry appetizing colors, in addition to finishing quickly outdoors. But it’s not so much that they have a shorter flowering period per se as it is they are extremely photosensitive, and begin to naturally flower much earlier than any other cannabis plant we’ve ever had the pleasure of growing. Our #4 pheno, for example, seems to skip the stretch stage entirely and starts clustering buds around July 15th outdoors — a full 2-3 weeks before most others! While this P85 Bx (#4) may not grow to be as monstrous as other outdoor varieties, it should attract those that crave an abbreviated flowering phase. Cultivators that live in areas with a short flowering season and that might be concerned about harvesting before the arrival of autumnal rains should get much peace of mind from growing our P85 Bx.

Lets not forget about the indoor growers too… These seeds will perform in similar ways for you!

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