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Orangez Phosphate
Bean Boyz Genetics
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~67 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

This slightly sativa hybrid marijuana seeds is the result of crossing Lemon Stomper OG and Agent Orange cannabis strains. The result is a versatile and strong weed plant that grows to a short height of just about 4-5 feet and can withstand almost any type of growing systems whether indoor or outdoor. Orangez Phosphate marijuana strain grow with extended lower branches that make it look like a Christmas tree. Flowering time can be extended in about 9 weeks give and take one week. It will grow with leaves turning purple especially towards maturity and prominent with those near the buds. Average amount of yield can be expected though it may increase depending on the growing system applied especially indoors where light and dark cycle can be manipulated. The buds will emit a fruity aroma which will be carried to its taste when smoked.

Orange has been a taste I’ve been attached to since I first smoked it back in the early 80’s. I’d ordered some from Neville at The Seed Bank, and what grew, maturing very late for where I was growing in the US Mid West, was impressive. In fact it got snowed on once! It was called, “Cali Orange” and was all that it promised tobe (rare these dayz). I was hooked.

Years pass. More years. Then I began seeing it offered again from a few breeders. I bought several strains from want seemed to be committed artists. I was disappointed. More time. Then Subby comes up with his Agent Orange. I loved the name, so bought some from some peeps out West, but was Sub’s genetics. That too was disappointing. Took awhile, but managed to introduce myself to Subcool himself, explained my plight, and asked to buy directly from his hand, or I wouldn’t be buying his gear again because of my concerns about get’n “the real deal”...

Sub responded, was the nicest person, and assured me that his Orange was the real deal, sent (gave) me several pacs (Dioxide), along with his Querkle. Well, it took me awhile to find a couple phenotypes that matched what was the taste cut off point, and had the creamy orange smell, taste I am after. There were two of them and the "dreams " begin. Here's what happened to one of them.

The Mamma: Both plants were impressing to me. Both had the qualities for breeding, hummmm... what to do? I decided to go two ways, one was unintentional. One was cloned like crazy for a Free Range project in early spring, then turned out to the sunshine in a 5 gallon bucket the beginng of May. She started to flower! After 3 weeks the longer sun periods revegged her, leaving her looking so silly.

She grew strong and hard all summer long, and promised to be something special. I wouldn't be disappointed. (In the end she smoked very nice to be sure). Whom would be the daddy?

The Daddy : Enter my ass kick'n- smelly "Lemon Stomper O.G." Listen, unlike some people that need to begin 2000 plants to find a quality breed'n male, I’ve been around herb for so long and seen so many plants that my eye and judgment have been refined to such a point that in 90% of the time I’ve been able to pick my males with incredible accuracy. I’ve seen more than a few breeders with this same ability, and have heard the blow back from growers that refuse to believe that this can be done. Subcool is but one along with The Texas Kid (DJ Short) that have this 6th sense. Add my name. Battman. This is what 40 years of growing can do for you. Confidence. I had my eye on this plant from his get go.

“Fuc, if this is the male, won’t that be TITS?” The plant luckily was a male, and removed from the main grow jess as he sported his first balls. I do not like HUGE males, as they are a throw back to hemp in my way of predicting. I've look'd for smaller, well shaped males that have loads of resin on their stems, that grow super look’n plants that have huge heads when they are in “flower.” Green Gage was the breeder, and they did a fine job. Lemon Stomper is a combination of Lemon Thai #2 x Chemdawg Sour Diesel. The herb had a delicious lemony, fuely taste, with considerable power... but could be improved with more horse-power! Most all can LOL !

This combination of the two strains mingling together should produce some impressive dank. The pheno-types will be very close, mostly I’m hope’n for a orange taste entering into this crossing, keeping the fuely under tones.

Male: Lemon Stomper (Lemon Thai#2 x Chemdawg Sour Diesel)
Female: Agent Orange (Local Orange Skunk X Jack's Clearner X Space Queen
Height: 4-5 feet, Xmas tree shaped, loves super crop'n. D.O.P.
Weight: 4-6 ozs, depending on skills, luck. streches during 12/12
THC: High, super resin production
Scent/taste: Creamy Lemon-Orange,fuely undertones
Bud Density: Nice tight, lots crystal
Flowering: 9-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: 60/40

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