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Name: Northern Light Haze
Züchter: Spliff Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~81 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Spliff Seeds - Northern Light Haze

Two of the most influential strains (Northern Lights meets Mexican Haze) have been used for this perfect hybrid. She has a high level of THC. The Northern Lights genetics make this a stable plant. NLH is a perfect mix of a great Sativa (Haze) plant and almost pure Afghani Indica heritage. To keep their length at bay indoor, give only a short period of vegetative growth. Being a Sativa it will shoot up during the long flowering period. She is a tall and lanky plant with lots of space between individual branches. You can start germinating the seeds directly under 12/12 to force them prematurely into flowering.

Northern Light Haze has a spicy haze smell and clean, peppery taste with hint of citrus sweet tangerine. She produces a speedy, cerebral high with a trippy edge. Medicinal value: general pain and loss of appetite.

80% Sativa.
Genotype: Northern Lights x Mexican Haze.
Spicy, haze aroma and clean, peppery flavor.
Tall and lanky plant. Heavy bud formation with abundant resin.
Medicinal value: general pain and loss of appetite.
Big Sativa, psychedelic high.
Potential THC level: high.

Flowering time indoor: 11-12 weeks
Harvesting outdoor: October
Plant height: Indoor 1.50-2.00m / Outdoor 2.50m+
Yield: Indoor 300-400 gr/m² / Outdoor: 500 gr/plant
Growing difficulty: medium

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