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Name: Northern Legend
Züchter: Aztech Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: indica
Blütezeit: ~56 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Aztech Genetics - Northern Legend

Northern Legend is an almost pure Indica and an easy plant to grow , good for beginners too. She delivers a pure Indica body stone and provides good pain relief. Her relaxing and soothing high is great for a night time smoke and can help aid sleep problems.

Our Northern Legend strain comes from a large scale Northern Lights breeding project. The selected parents for this strain were a very special Northern Lights #5 selection crossed with Northern Lights #2. This strain is an almost pure indica worked from a pure Afghani line with a very slight touch of Thai Sativa bred in too. It’s these Landrace Afghan Indica roots that shine through though and makes Our Northern Legend a delight for Indica fans

Plants exhibit very strong Indica characteristics as you’d expect from a pure indica like this. Northern Legend is incredibly reliable and is good for both indoor and outdoor growing. Slight musky and hash like smells in flower sometimes sweet although altogether relatively a low odour strain.

Being nearly pure Indica Northern Legend is also relatively quick to finish her flower cycle and plants should be ready to harvest in around 8 weeks flowering period. Growers will be rewarded with very respectable yields even for beginners. Resin packed, tight and very dense buds are easily achieved and a must have strain to have to hand for times when only a heavy indica will satisfy.

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