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Midnight Kush

Midnight Kush (G13 Labs) :: Sorten-Steckbrief :: Indoor :: No.30809489512833823 by psiber14

Steckbrief für Midnight Kush (von G13 Labs)

Dieser Steckbrief wurde am 01.01.2014 von angelegt und ist eine Einzelmeinung.


Midnight Kush (G13 Labs)

ist alles in allem absolut Irre und unbedingt Empfehlenswert
(Im Schnitt 10 Punkte auf einer Skala zwischen 0 und 10 !)

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psiber14 meint

This strain will put you down for the count. I have had this strain from a few sources and wasn’t impressed until my caregiver grew a really indica dominant pheno with a serious lemon/diesel smell with mild blueberry undertones. The buds were extremely picturesque and amazingly symmetrical. Very narcotic stone with pain killing and relaxation. Taste is mostly diesel and lemon. This has become a permanent part of my serious pain relief stash. If grown right with the right pheno I HIGHLY recommend this one. (01.01.2014 um 05:42 Uhr)