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Name: Mick Jagger OG
Züchter: Bradley Danks
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~56 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Bradley Danks - Mick Jagger OG

Lineage: Jack The Ripper x Trainwreck
Location: Outdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Type: 70/30 sativa/indica
Flowering: 49-63 Days, End of September Outdoors at 45th Latitude
Yield: Medium-High
Height: Tall
Flavor: Sweet, Lemon, Pine

Mick Jagger came to me out of sheer luck. I was starting a new outdoor plot and needed some seed at the time. A buddy of mine gave me a few hundred seeds labeled as Unknown that he didn't want so I planted them all to see what happend. The most amazing thing happened… All the survivors got about 10ft. tall, smelled loud as hell, and finished by the end of September. There was one pheno that had extra dense buds, more color, and a really unique twist in its smell compared to its sisters. That pheno ended up being the most stable of all the keepers and henceforth was known as Mick Jagger. Throughout the growing season I had noticed an uncanny similarity between Mick Jagger and the Jack the Ripper pheno of Mickey Kush and Trainwreck phenos that I had grown in the past so we labeled its lineage as such. The name Mick Jagger was coined from its strain lineage name similarities and the strains super loud smell in comparison to Mick Jagger, the singers, loud voice.

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