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Name: Maui Wowie
Züchter: Pua Mana
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: sativa
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Auch feminisiert verfügbar.

Pua Mana Pakalolo - Maui Wowie

Straight out of Lower Nahiku Maui comes the most authentic tropical Maui Wowie genetics you will ever be Ho»opMmaika»i (blessed) enough to encounter on your Huaka»i (journey) of life.

Donated to our »Ohana (Family) by Bradda Joseph of Lower Nahiku, in breathtaking Hana Maui, comes the true Maui Wowie
genetics from the 60»s and 70»s, the same old school Hawaiian Pakalolo Bradda Joseph and the Beatle George would blaze in the 80's when he visited his home in Lower Nhiku Maui.

An sweet upbeat tropical Hawaiian Sativa perfect for the dawn patrol He»e nalu (surf) »Ohana (Family) or any Ala Mea Puhi Palaoa (wake and bakers) ready to get out there and seize the day superbly stoned and satisfied.

One puff of real deal Pakalolo from Maui will have you saying Wowie...


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