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Name: Mantis
Züchter: Trichome Jungle Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: ~63 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Trichome Jungle Seeds - Mantis

The nap mother: After many years growing all sorts of strains I came across something special, this we named the nap. Nap is a indica dominant plant with tight growth, mega trichome productions and a knock out hit. It came from a mystery pack of seeds, it reminds me so much of old school hindu kush it has to be part of that line. This stuff is so strong not for the light smoker.

The haze santa maria father... While in Amsterdam many years ago I was sat at a nice coffee shop enjoying a joint of some dank hazey lemony herb when I looked down at the bag to find 3 seeds... I later found out it was a haze x santa maria, properly a amnesia he said. NOT the soma amnesia. When getting home I started these seeds and found 2 males and one female, the female had that same dank smell hazey lemons so out of the 2 males I used the one that had the same growth pattern and leaf structure as the female he had a nice stink too...

These two strains combine together so well. The result is a indica sativa hybrid with mega crystal production and low flower time from the mother and a zesty dankness from the father, making the mantis. When i made this cross, I also used the male on my galactic smurf female so making the smurf at the same time the smurf and mantis was some of my first real breeding project all the rest before that was pollen chucking, here i had goals which i had met. Fort pheno and tall pheno no medium ones really and i'd say about 80 persent are lemoney limey... so more pheno in growth instead of smell.

Lineage: nap x haze x santa maria.

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