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Macob Kush
Bradley Danks
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly sativa
~56 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Aka: MKOB, McCobb

Lineage: Mickey Kush x Obama Kush bx1
Breeder: Bradley Danks
Location: Outdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Type: 70/30 sativa/indica
Flowering: 49-63 Days, End of September Outdoors at 45th Latitude
Yield: Medium-High
Height: Tall
Flavor: Bubblegum, Watermelon, Grape

Macob Kush was born out of a need for dank fast flowering genetics at the 45th latitude in Oregon. Both of her parents were fast flowering varieties so I selected a few Micky Kush males and open pollinated them onto an Obama Kush female. The selection I chose for had the sativa structure of Micky Kush with a terp profile heavily influenced by the Obama Kush lineage. The keeper pheno produced a strong fruit smell and a heavy hitting high. She had a sensitive root structure that promoted induced maturation when grown in containers. The Macob kush mother was a vigorous female that did well to resist mites and bud rot. She was a pretty looking plant that commonly had purple leaves during harvest. I recommend growing Macob Kush organically influenced indoors or outdoors for the best flavor.

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