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Name: Jazz
Züchter: Dr. Greenthumb
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Dr. Greenthumb - Jazz

Highly energetic, highly cerebral.

Potency: 4.5 out of 5
Bouquet: Citrus – Fruity

Finished height: 24" to 30" (When flowered at a cutting height of 8")
Yield (g/m²) SOG: 300 to 400 g
Flowering: 55 to 65 Days

Plant height: 4' to 12'
Yield: 300 to 1000 g
Finish: Approximately 1st October
Frost Resistance: Spring: Good; Fall: Good

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