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Offizielle Information / Basics zu HogZilla von Andromeda Strains

Andromeda Strains
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Hogzilla was originally created using “The Hog” a cut we acquired from @billythekid556 many years ago. We then use a Kimbo Kush male we found to pollenate The Hog creating “HogZilla”. Later on The above HogZilla F2 was created using female f1 and male f1 a cut off a Hogzilla batch of seeds that we had, had tested, and flowered out by @burn_one82. We were able to acquire his favorite male, and his favorite female. The Male and the Female he had chosen were both great selections, they both had a short stature, thick growth, huge stalks, purple colors, great citrus smells and both were heavily coated in resin. These two combined made an even more stable hybrid. These gems are an excellent representation of the purple phenos in the Hogzilla hybrid lines. Though, many of these seeds were kept by the collective for further pheno hunting and breeding projects. We did however, release a good amount to the public. Don’t sleep on the babies! You’ll kick yourself later!!

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