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Name: Haze x Kali China
Züchter: ACE Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~98 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

ACE Seeds - Haze x Kali China

An almost pure haze experience, in feminized and with shorter flowering time!

Vigorous and uniform F1 hybrid, that combines old incensey pure Haze aromas with more modern incenses from our Kali China line.

The strong Haze expression of this hybrid is almost untouched by the Kali China influence, allowing the grower to enjoy an almost pure Haze experience, in feminized format, and that finishes one month earlier than our original Oldtimer's Haze.

A very limited edition of only 150 packs, available while stock lasts.

Genetics: Oldtimer's Haze x Kali China, but displaying an almost 100 % tropical sativa phenotype.
Structure: Tropical sativa structure with very thin leaf. Strong branching with medium and manageable node length.
Bouquet: Mainly incense, hash and old wood. With hints that vary between tropical fruits and good red wine.
High: Very hazy, psychedelic and introspective.

Growing tips: It can easily be grown indoors with short vegetative time. If you plan to grow big bushy plants indoors, then we recommend to prune the smaller, lower and inside branches that don't receive direct light, in order to improve the vigour of the other parts of the plant. Can be grown outdoors until latitude 40°.

F1 Hybrid (20 % Indica / 80 % Sativa)
Flowering time Indoors: 12-16 Weeks
Harvesting Outdoors: November
Yield: Average - Low
Resistance against Spider Mites: Average
Resistance against Mildew: Average
Resistance against Botrytis: High
Resistance against Cold: High

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