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Name: Hash Plant / Northern Lights #1 F-1 Hybrid
Züchter: The Seed Bank
Location: indoor
Sorte: indica
Blütezeit: ~43 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

The Seed Bank - Hash Plant / Northern Lights #1 F-1 Hybrid

Hash Plant is named for its hashy-tasting, highly resinous buds. One of the most famous indoor cuttings from the Northwest USA, Hash Plant / Northern Lights #1 F-1 Hybrid has produced some of the highest quality F-1 Hybrids that we have seen, High potency, abundant resin, and an extremely fast finish, with very strong Indica high, sophisticated taste and aroma. Excellent indoor plant for personal stash or select commercial trade. Here in Holland, even experienced smokers have had trouble finishing a Joint of Hash Plant / Northern Lights # 1. It has certainly produced the strongest specimens that I have ever smoked, with a very pleasant, narcotic-type high. We are now selecting for the best NL #1 males to use in this tremendous hybrid.

Indoor height at 100 days: 36-50 inches.
Indoor yield at 100 days: up to 85 grams.
Indoor flowering period at 12 hrs. darkness: 40-45 days.

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