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Name: Happy Pappy
Züchter: MaD Strains
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~55 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

MaD - Strains - Happy Pappy

Happy is the best word to describe the sensation we experienced when we tested this new strain for the first time.

Resulting from the cross between two superb plants, Happy Pappy preserves in his patrimony the qualities of her parents :

-NYCD Mandarina Cut selected by Soma himself, a rather stocky plant, with orange-red colors, with a very powerful orange / tangerine perfume and covered with resin.

-Orange CBD Clone as we named it, also with a strong orange taste and has a CBD / THC ratio of 1/1. She was selected on a few packs of seeds from crosses tests with Cannatonic that where offered to us by Shantibaba during a cannabis show in 2013.

Happy Pappy produces stubby plants whose leaves turn orange/purple at the end of blooming. Buds are compact and covered with resin.

The taste of Happy Pappy is just like his 2 parents very strong and oscillates between orange and tangerine with skunky and floral touches. Once dried, buds keep a strong orange smell, it's quite impressive!

Extractions made with Happy Pappy keep the same taste and odor as the plant, especially if it is extraction made from fresh and frozen material.

The levels and ratios of CBD and THC can be slightly different according to the genotypes but in general they have CBD / THC ratio of 1/1 as well as around 12% of CBD for about 12% of THC. That gives this strain a very special effect. Indeed, a high level of CBD acting in combination with an average level of THC, guarantee a reduction of the psychotropic effects of THC while increasing its medicinal properties.

Thanks to the association CBD / THC, the effect of this strain is quite sweet and makes happy that’s why we name it Happy Pappy. It can help fight against anxiety, depression, as well as reduce muscle and body pains. It is an ideal strain to relax and chill out.

Height : Small / Medium
Production : Medium / High
THC : 12% / CBD : 12%
Ratio THC / CBD : 1/1
60% Indica 40% Sativa
Indoor : 50 to 60 days
Outdoor : At the beginning of October
Taste : Strong Orange and tangerine with skunky touches and floral notes
Medicinal: insomnia, anxiety, depression, muscle and body aches.
Genetics : NYCD “Mandarina Cut” x Orange CBD Clone

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