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Green Crack
Humboldt Seed Org.
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~63 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Known for many years as the “Mango”, Green Crack’s name was coined by the famous Snoop Dogg in the early 2000’s. With an Indica-dominant market, there are a few outstanding Sativas that have made a long-lasting impression on California and the rest of the North American smoke culture, except this one. Comprised of a Skunk #1 and an isolated Afghani, this combination resulted in a fast-growing, high-yielding plant with a short flowering period, finishing extremely resinous and pungent.

Indoors, Green Crack seeds have rapid vegetative growth displaying large thin fan leaves with long spaces between inter-nodal sites allowing for good light penetration. Footprints can be filled quite quickly as trellising is highly recommended to support very large terminal colas in later stages of development. Green Crack is nitrogen demanding backed by a generally high metabolism. With just an eight-week finish it’s hard to deny this plant’s overall performance.
Outdoors, Green Crack can be expected to be harvested in the first week of October. Cages are recommended, accompanied by secondary support for the finishing stages. Plants can reach heights of 12-16 feet contingent upon the diet, planting schedule, size of the hole or container and the line of latitude . GC does have a slight susceptibility to powdery mildew and, as always, we advise taking preventive measures to insure a clean and productive finish.

Mango sweetness
Green Crack seeds’ flavor profile is something of exquisite mango sweetness. Fruity and floral overtones are matched by sharp gassy and peppery undertones transferring perfectly back to the taste. This high energy uplifting effect is great for day-time usage. It’s become well-renowned for appetite stimulation, relaxation and its very functional benefits.
This top-notch high-producing classic Sativa is one of California’s most consistently demanded strains. The unmistakable flavor backed by a plentiful harvest leaves this highly desired for any grow space.

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Sorten-Steckbrief & User-Meinungen

Bekannte Phänotypen:
beta version - füge einen anderen Phänotyp hinzu
1.: kleiner, gestreckter, schnell blühender, indica-lastiger Phänotyp #1

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Blütezeit Indoor: 51 - 58 Tage (~55 Tage)
Ernte-Menge Indoor: Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist hoch.
Gesamteindruck Indoor: ist alles in allem absoluter durchschnitt, nichts besonderes.
Stärke / Wirkungsdauer: Das Grass ist stark und wirkt anhaltend.
Bewertungen: Green Crack kommt im Durchschnitt auf 6.64 von 10 möglichen Punkten!

Wo kann man Green Crack cannabis seeds kaufen?

Green Crack von Humboldt Seed Organisation ist nur als feminisiertes Saatgut erhältlich, nicht als reguläre Samen. In 15 Samen-Shops bzw. Seedbanks haben wir 54 Angebote zwischen EUR 10.35 für einen feminisierten Hanfsamen und EUR 1410.18 für 200 feminisierte Samen. gefunden! Du bist auf der Suche nach einem Shop und moechtst Cannabis-Samen der Sorte Green Crack von Humboldt Seed Organisation kaufen? Schau am Besten auf unsere Green Crack Preisvergleichs-Seite mit allen aktuellen Angeboten von allen uns bekannten Seedbanks und Shops - oder klicke direkt auf einen der folgenden Seed-Shops (welche ausnahmslos getestet, sicher und vertrauenswuerdig sind) um direkt zu deren Green Crack Angeboten zu gelangen:, Zamnesia, Green Parrot Seed Store, Indras Planet GmbH, Mary's Seeds, Oaseeds, Cannapot Hanfshop, PEV Seeds Bank, Herbies Head Shop, Discreet Seeds, Alchimia Grow Shop, SeedSupreme Seedbank,, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla and Original Seeds Store.

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User-Kommentare zu dieser Sorte:

am 25.09.2018 um 23:04 Uhr:

Bought a three pack of this strain and I was very disappointed. The seeds themselves are pretty expensive in the first place and then on top of that only two out of three germinate. The plants grew very nicely and vigorously all throughout veg and into flower. They were about 3 or 4 weeks into their flowering cycle when both TURNED HERMAPHRODITES! Two plants more than a meter tall that were already producing nice and very fruity smelling flowers, but all of a sudden male flowers appear and I had to throw both away plus they fucked up the rest of my grow! 6 or 7 more plants were in the same room and only Humboldt's Green Crack and Chocolate Mint OG hermied. Even their Blue Dream was fine in same conditions. Not the first time I had issues with this company or their strains, so I wouldn't recommend buying their expensive and crap seeds. A very shady company anyway. Humboldt in the name and the way they market their strains would suggest it's Californian genetics and input. In all reality it's just a sister company of Dinafem with little or no relation to California's Humboldt county. Don't be fooled people!

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am 02.02.2018 um 19:14 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

A peine passées en floraison, les plantes sont toutes devenues hermaphrodites !! J'ai dû enlever les fleurs mâles une à une et être très vigilant durant la flo. La description parle de plante plutôt indica alors que cette variété est clairement sativa . Humboldt c est pas stable leurs génétiques. Ç est la deuxième fois que je rencontre un problème d hermaphrodisme avec leurs strains. Plus pour moi Humboldt c est bidon

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am 15.01.2018 um 11:15 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

Gute Anfänger Sorte !! aber auch was für erfahrene Grower !
Grow war aus Steckis ! ca 50 bis 60 tage Blüte wobei die oberen Buds ziemlich schnell ausreifen ! und die unteren noch eine Woche länger brauchen !
Ziemlich resisdent gegen ,über und Unterdüngung ,kälte und wärme und Schädlingsresisdent :)
Der Ertrag und die Quali sind auch nicht von schlechten Eltern :)

Falls ma den Strain als Steckling kaufen kann , ist er echt zum empfehlen ! aus samen hab ich leider keine info !

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am 02.01.2018 um 18:11 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

Started out very nicely and grew nice and big, but then turned HERMAPHRODITE in the middle of flowering cycle and basically fucked up my grow! Fuck Humboldt and their expensive, but shit strains! Always some issues with them! DON'T BUY THIS!

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am 08.02.2016 um 11:12 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

Growing the plant with some topping caused almost uncontrollable amounts of side branching - ended up in SCROG netting to keep the branches far enough apart from each other. No massive cola but even tiny side branches yielded well. Smells very much like warm earth throughout flower with a hint of pineapple and spice, quite a comforting smell.

Temperature and humidity fluctuations didnt seem to stress her much even with late flowering hitting 31 degrees C due to heat wave. Nugs are quite hard and slightly below average size with a good amount of resin.

Not yet fully cured but the skunky taste is already strong and gives a hard hitting high for 40 minutes. This mellows into a smooth stone for 1-2 hours which is altogether much more relaxing than the initial high.

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am 05.01.2016 um 13:53 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

Nice strain very nice skunky undertone with a fruity balance. Resin production is nice without them being insanely sticky. Responds well to toping and being in a SOG setup. Not the biggest yielding plant but then again I only had one seed so the result may not represent the biggest yielding pheno. It can handle a rich soil but more sensitive then Purple trainwreck or Blue dream. Yielded 3 oz for 30 day veg 55 days of flowering so not bad at all things considered.

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