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Green Crack
Clone Only
mostly indica
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Green Crack was an 89 SSSC skunk#1 crossed with an unknown indica in athens ohio in about 1990. It was indeed made by cecilC. Cecil is the kind of guy who would'nt want to take credit for making it as it was just a random cross. The part about MrGreenBeans was pretty acurrate. Only mrgreenbeans was'nt living anywhere near georgia. He had people that were bringing him pounds of Green Crack aka Cush and he loved it and wanted to grow it. He kept trying to get clones from these guys and they would always say no.

Eventually for the price of $2,500 he was able to get a clone of it. Those georgia guys, mrgreenbeans and CecilC all call it Cush with a C not to be confused with Kush. I think when mrgreenbeans got the clone it was around 94.

Cecils old friends that had the Cush still he stopped talking to for reasons and was'nt in that area anymore. Another old user some of you may remember named Bunz had this plant out in southern cali that was not named but he was selling herb to snoop dog if you believe the story(but bunz was'nt one to make shit up), was selling herb to snoop dog and snoop named it green crack. Years later, I met mrgreenbeans on a canadian IRC chat client and invited him to come chat at truestoners. He did and he and cecil kicked it off and the three of us met up and exchanged clones. At the same time or rather right before then, cecil got Bunz to send him clones of green crack and a few others and the green crack and the Cush are identicle. Now as everyone knows I used to send out tons of clones/cuttings constantly and the green crack aka Cush was one that I sure had a big hand in spreading out. Sometimes newbies in chat bitch about me hoarding shit, but anyone who thinks that has'nt a clue. Look how many folks out there have some of my old strains now. CecilC was the same way though he was a bit paranoid about sending out and sometimes would take forever to do it, but he honestly is and was very much against hoarding, thinking that everyone should grow the best possible. So green crack aka Cush sure got spread around a bunch. I have heard folks saying that her structure looks like old skunk#1 or super skunk, but it is not, it is what it is, just apprears very similliar, but hell let's think about it super skunk = skunk#1 x afgani, Cush/green crack = skunk#1 x indica, same basic theory of a cross.

She is very fast flowering, the fastest by far that I have ever seen from the approximatly 200 strains that I have grown. She has this super sweet like sickly sweet candy fruit taste and smell. She is a good one for sure. She is not my favorite, I find that with those types of fast sativa doms I build a fast tolerance, of course everyone else gets ripped from it. I think she is decently potent, not schrom or OG kush, but not weak by any means. Well that's the story if anyone has any questions shoot. peace (Texas Kid)

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