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Name: Goldenskunk
Züchter: Goldenseed
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~53 Tage
Auch feminisiert verfügbar.

Goldenseed - Goldenskunk

I grew out large numbers of these plants and it is one of my top 4 strains. Plants are covered with sweet smelling crystals. Extremely high yield.Mainly Iddica. Only thing I plan to do to it is cross it with something extremely fruity. Other than that it is almost as perfect as it gets. I vegged them for a little over 3 weeks and then set them to flower. Plants were trimmed to one main cola and reached about 3 ft in height. Some were ready in 7 weeks while others took 8-8.5.Harvest is pretty easy as there are few leaves to trim. When I grew the original seeds out I got 9 females out of the 15 seed two did`nt germ. I got them in the original breeders pack from Goldenseed. I get anxiety when I smoke and I have to say that this weed is pretty comfortable. I only need 2-3 hits and I get a good high. I.m sure if you smoked a whole bowl it would be very intense. The buds are more sweet smelling than skunky. When smoked the skunky smell tends to come out. The bud is covered with crystal. Of course we had to bring a Skunk variety into our strain-list. From all the Skunk-varieties that are on the market right now, we selected a fast producer of enormous buds with a strong skunk aroma and a heavy buzz. Goldenskunk is quite a stable strain with a little variety between the individuals.

I placed my plants in 30 hours of darkness prior to 12/12 and also before harvest. Drying time may take longer than expected due to sheer size of the budsFlowering period: 7/8 weeks Harvest time outdoor: end of Oct. A very soft smoke and great .High..THC = 15%

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