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Name: Gold Honey
Züchter: Paisa Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: unbekannt
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Paisa Grow Seeds - Gold Honey

Discover this aromatic new strain, Gold Honey, a vigorous Sativa/Indica hybrid that combines the two most terpene-rich varieties in the Paisa Grow Seeds catalog.

The team of breeders at Paisa Seeds has worked long and hard developing Gold Honey, eventually settling on the cross between a selection of Afghan Honey Kush and their Superchoco male super stud.

The union of these two top-class cultivars has resulted in a well-balanced hybrid, giving highly vigorous, fast-growing and disease-resistant plants of a medium size, with a typical christmas tree structure and numerous strong secondary branches full of bud sites.

For outdoor cultivation in tropical areas, Paisa Seeds advise starting seedlings indoors under artificial lights, giving them a vegetative period of at least 30 - 45 days. To get even larger plants, veg in minimum 30 litre pots for up to 60 days on an 18/6 light schedule.

As to be expected in a variety bred for high terpene content, Gold Honey gives off a powerful aroma from the very beginning of the bloom period, so it’s strongly recommended to use a carbon filter for odour control to keep your grow discreet and avoid problems!

The buds show an impressive resin production with extraordinary quality, making it an ideal choice for cannabis concentrates, in particular for non-solvent extractions such as bubble hash.

The flavour is intense and mouthwateringly sweet on the palate, reminiscent of the famous Colombian pineapple variety Oro Miel (Gold Honey in English), while the delicious citrus notes and fruity touches perfectly complement this sweet honey taste.

The energetic high is enjoyable and helps to combat pain, stress and depression. Gold Honey offers a powerful hybrid effect and is ideal for consuming at any time of the day.

Paisa Grow Seeds Gold Honey info:

Type: Feminised seeds
Genetics: Afghan Honey Kush x Superchoco
Sativa/Indica hybrid
Height: Medium

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