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Name: Ethiopian Highland
Züchter: African Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: sativa
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

African Seeds - Ethiopian Highland

Considered the finest in the world by the ruling Empress Zauditu and Ras Tafari who became the Emperor Haile Selassie this pure sativa comes direct from the ancient land of Ethiopia in what we believe is a world first. Cultivated and inbred by his latter day followers in the city of Shashemene this sativa grows well at altitude and in cooler climates. Buds typically long sativa with visible resin droplets providing a clear energetic high. Plants are shorter, branched and stockier than the tall bushy southern african types. Does well indoors especially behind glass.

Flowering Period Outdoors: 8-12 weeks (condition dependent)
Flowering Period Outdoors: 8 weeks
Height: 1.5 - 2 m (4.5 - 6 ft)
Yields Outdoor: 10-15 oz (300-500 gr)
Yields Indoor: 1-2 oz

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