Name: ECSD x DSD
Züchter: Ganja Rebel Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Ganja Rebel Seeds - ECSD x DSD

The DSD brings down the flower time of the ECSD a bit and adds some nice colors and density to the buds. I grew a few of these in small pots to test with minimal care and nutrients. It produced some tasty dense buds with long spear shaped tops. Lot's of variation and unique flavors. Certain phenos can finish quick and yield big. These two highly sough after statins combined offer a large spectrum of unique plants and serious quality.

Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Oct 7th - 21st
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse
Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel X Double Strawberry Diesel
Filial Generation: F1
Strain Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid

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