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Name: Durban Punch
Züchter: Tropical Seeds Co.
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: sativa
Blütezeit: ~80 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Tropical Seeds Company - Durban Punch

We selected a nice Durban female, continuing with the typical great vigour and fine sativa leafs and appearance. Differences with her sisters in the grow were it was a little bit easier to handle in height. Also more compact in the flower formation, with buds popping near the main steam.

The scents in flower time on the flowers were in the range of floral, anise and woody/carroty.

We find this Durban quite dominant in hybrids, so we continue to see clearly these traits within the Ciskei F1 and first backcross.
Goals in the hybrid come in the yield (improving the general medium production in the Durban mother ) and shortening flowering period. We find 11, up to 13 weekers in the F1, a week less in the BC1 version. Some more fruity scents can also be found via Ciskei influence.

We were surprised with some Durban hybrids giving a very racy and quick uplifting high (Durban influence),so, we recommend to softly try your buds at first. You will also enjoy a very pleasant active sativa high once the first hit has being controlled and you´re facing the moon.

Strain Lineage: (Durban Poison x Ciskei P3) x Ciskei P3
Strain Type: 100% sativa South African
Hybrid: Durban x Ciskei BC1
Flowering times: 75-85 days
Yield: Medium to high indoors and in mild climate outdoors
Bouquet: Fine woods, anise, floral. Fruity scents like peach
Effect: Straight take off, instant energetic high that will surprie you for its uplifting high potency
Developed by: Locals, African Herbman ( SA ), aeritos ( SP )

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