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Name: Double Dawg Down OG Kush
Züchter: Bean Boyz Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Bean Boyz Genetics - Double Dawg Down OG Kush

This mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing Chem Valley Kush and OG Kush. The result is an excellent hybrid cannabis strain that can be grown indoor and outdoor and reaches only a medium height that makes it perfect for an indoor growing set-up and ideal for beginners who have basic knowledge of marijuana cultivation. It grows to a height of just about 4-6 feet and with dark green to yellow leaves. Flowering time can be expected once it reaches 8 weeks on the average after it enters the vegetation stage. It will grow buds that are rich in sticky resin and a good amount of crystallized THC which is a reminder of how potent this strain is. Once flowering, it will emit a lemony smell while the taste is a true dank that is best smoked only by those who are no longer beginners.

Bean Boyz' "Double Dawg Down" answers the question, "Are Two Chemdawgs better than one?"

We going to find out, and my prediction is the more dawg the better. Combining outstanding phenotype examples of similar strains is a way to achieve some unique results, but nothing is written in stone, nor should it be. What fun would it be to have say 10 strains offered everywhere and that is all we ever see? No tricked out strains that achieve the max potential, twisting our ears around our nose! Just the same old same old, day after day to choose from. I'm not about that, nor ever have been.

I've draft the best 'hitters' anywhere offered by the top breeders, smoked them, test them against my experience smoking since 1967, against all the world class herb that was grown back in the day. I know what I'm talk'n about when it comes to DANK. My bar is very very high when judging, no free passes. I've even had issues with some breeders as I've complained about what is grown. They do not like hearing things could be made better, I guess neither would I, but I will listen to informed smokers if they see things differently, My goal is to create strains that will glue your eyes together, not riding in a convertible, soaring down US 1, "Soaring?" LOL! What the fuc does that mean to "soar?" Ah, the Sativa! Dankers, I Mon be all about the Indica. Noise bleed'n Indicas that leave you thank'n Buddha for the day, and your life!

No convertible rides for me. If you smoking real DANK , then you are unable to drive ! Let's get to it...

The Mamma: I've heard some refer to OGK as "Underdawg." So I'm unclear as to what you might call OGK. I love the taste of sour diesel, or fuely sour, the "Dawg taste" whatever that is. If a strains is to properly fuc you up then it has to have huge taste. How could it be otherwise? No expression in flavor, but ass-kick'n? Nope. This lady had taste in spades as her sour expressions were top notched when smoked. Not to mention putt'n your ass 5 inches lower to the floor! OGK can be a weak producer. My advise to anyone that wants more buds is simple: Get serious about the root production from the get go, and super crop the shit out of the plant. The more bud sights, with a huge root system to drive the flowers is the way to go.

Not Bud Buster, or all the crap that is available from sellers of satin's spawn.

The Pappa: This came easy for me as long as she was already so odorific, I went with my tested ChemValley kush male (Chem DX SFV OGK V.11). He’s proven to create some impressive offspring, and mix’n his genes with the Underdawg's would give me an opportunity to discover what these two amazing strains in one combo will gel like. Breeding isn’t math, but does contain loads of “theory” about what might be the outcomes of crossing strains. I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a whopper! Discovery is the spice of life, along with risk taking. Make the dick hard, right? This is some Hard Dick herb, and we going to really be interested in what ballz ripp'n phenotypes are discovered when grown out properly with love and kindness.

Rasta's believe that truth will never be known if one doesn't smoke the herb. How could it?

Male: ChemValley Kush (Chem D X SFV OGK V.11)
Female: OGKush (Underdawg)
Height: 4-6 feet
Weight: 3-6 ozs
THC: Higher, super resin production. Big Boyz herb.
Scent/taste: Lemony smell, bright, citrus , taste should be exceptional, exotic,heavy dank.
Bud Density: 7-9 , , Nice tight, great bag appeal
Flowering: 8-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: about 25/75

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