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Deep Sea Creature IBL

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Deep Sea Creature IBL
Full Spec Genetics
indoor, outdoor
Automatisch blühend
~91 Tage (von der Keimung bis zur Ernte.)
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Deep Sea Creature IBL is an inbred project which emerged from a mixture of inbreeds and backcrosses of various separate Auto AK-47 and Purple Auto AK-47 lines.

This pheno of the line ended up being worthy of naming the line after. The Deep Sea Creature grows large and fast, reaching 2-3' in height in only 12-14 weeks from seed, and yields an average of 2-3 oz indoors of sticky, pink and purple, resinous and sweet skunk smelling buds that tend to give a carbon filter a run for the money.

Indoors, gram per watt yields are easily achieved.

A secret that isn't often shared - an auto which is flowered under 12/12 does not suffer from light leaks like a normal strain would, but still yields similarly to a regular photosensitive strain, and under 12/12 yields are over half of what is achieved under 24 hours of light.

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