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Name: Crystal Tears
Züchter: GeneSeeds Bank
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Auch feminisiert verfügbar.

GeneSeeds Bank - Crystal Tears

The name of this variety is by any chance a coincidence, this plant completes its cycle totally crystallized thanks to a thick layer of shining and sticky resin. Its extremely sweet flavour reminds us of that of a strawberry gum and its strong effect will sedate you and make you happy for a long period of time. Flowering cycle ends approximately in 8 weeks producing fat buds tight as steel. Let Crystal Tears surprise you. You will not regret it.


This crossing starts with a few seeds of Uzbekistan, which were reproduced in order to obtain more seeds and make a wider selection, then 5 females and 5 males out of 80 grown specimens were selected. These were crossed, one by one, in order to obtain the lineage we were looking for.

The goal was to achieve an exquisite fruity stabilize phenotype detected in several individuals, productive and fully loaded with resin to isolate a mother and to use it as a basis for other crosses.

Once we managed to obtain the stabilized strain the search for potential partners, among our gene pool, began. The one selected was a OG Kush San Fernando Valley, for it brought more power and could squeeze more buds without losing copious amounts of resin from the Uzbek mother.

Taste: Chewing gum / candy sweet, with hints of fruit.
Power: Highly potent.
Production: Very high.
Flowering: Indoor 60 days Outdoor Early / mid-October.

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