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Steckbrief für Crown OG (von Clone Only Strains)

Dieser Steckbrief wurde am 12.04.2020 von angelegt und ist eine Einzelmeinung.

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Das Grass ist sehr stark und wirkt langanhaltend.
Toleranz beim Rauchen
langsame Toleranzbildung.


Crown OG (Clone Only Strains)

ist alles in allem extrem gut und wirklich empfehlenswert
(Im Schnitt 9 Punkte auf einer Skala zwischen 0 und 10 !)

Weitere Informationen

Justin108 meint

Crown OG Kush (San Fernando Valley OG Kush x King Louis) by Crown Genetics.
Cannabinoid Content: 23.13% THC, 0.049% CBD and 26.60% Total Cannabinoids.

Terpenes: This cultivar reportedly tends to dominate in Myrcene with similar or slightly lower levels of Limonene, α-Pinene, Humulene and beta-Caryophyllene.

Flavors: Lemon, Pine, Pepper, Earth, Diesel

Crown OG Kush can produce these Medicinal Effects (and more): analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, mood enhancement/euphoric, nausea and gi pain relief, anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, heightened senses, stress relief, sedative/calming...

Opinion:While social media promotes Crown OG Kush being enjoyed by attractive, hip, young people, entertainers and rappers - Don't be mistaken! This is a stellar example of a very potent, thoroughly enjoyable, OG Kush varietal Cannabis strain that can satisfy the most discerning and/or difficult consumers including those suffering from varied and/or serious symptoms! Not many strains can be THIS sedating AND euphoric both, further encouraging relief and reward. Don't be fooled if your Crown OG consists of little-ish nugs/buds - they usually pack a mighty punch!
(12.04.2020 um 07:39 Uhr)