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Cranberry Haze
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly sativa
~77 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Project #8 'Cranberry Haze' is a origional line created from the finest specimins within the Colombian Gold, Purpe Haze and Chitrali # 1 genepools. A gorgeous, Spellbinding tropical Sativa for Indoor and Outdoor growers.

These lines are some of the founder strains of the modern Cannabis genepool, true Heirloom, Classic Cannabis plants. The Cranberry Haze was created from some of the most prized breeding plants in the Breeders Choice genetic libary. Parental plants where selected over three years of intensive testing of Male and Female combinations of our favourite plants and represent, what we feel to be the best of the qualities in these classic lines.

The quality of High of the is truly remarkable. A wonderful expression of how Haze dominant plants can be, delivering a very clear and totally ceilingless, happy high.

In the Number 8 we have selected and used the very best of the Purple Haze males in the BCO collection, focusing especially upon the beutiful tastes delivered by the finest Purple Haze. Pure Purple hazes are extremely rare, they carry very high Brix sugar levels and unique aromatic compounds not found in other lines. The very best of these traits is carried over into the Cranberry Haze plants.

'Purple' phenotypes deliver exceptional tasting herbs. Deep grapey aromas will be found in the purple phenotypes along with a unmistakeable oily effect in the mouth on smoking. The taste leans towards fresh unsweetened Cranberry juice and tropical fruit to lemon on the inhale.

We believe this line to be one of the highest quality Sativa x Indica lines ever, with delightful tastes and incredible soaring, dreamy and happy Sativa high.

* Flowering time: 10 - 12 weeks
* World renowned Colombian, Haze and pure Indica Genetics.
* Colombian Gold/Purple Haze x Chitral #1
* Very special quality of High
* Gorgeous purple and pink specimen plants.
* Sativa dominant, classic genetics
* Potent and with unique qualities of high.

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