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Name: Cosmic Charlie
Züchter: MTG Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

MTG Seeds - Cosmic Charlie

Cosmic Charlie produces a very cerebral, creative effect with zero couch-lock. The high seems to have no ceiling, an allows you to just keep going and going until you reach that creative spot you needed. When growing, the sativa genetic show themselves as the plant likes to grow tall. As flowering sets in, the tall plant really fills in the bud structure and will provide a surprising yield. The flavor combines the earthy Kush with sweet hints of pine and even lime.

Genetics: LSD OG x Green Crack
Sativa Dominant
Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
Outdoor: 3rd Week of October

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