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Name: Coastal Ride
Züchter: Crazy Diamonds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~98 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Crazy Diamonds Seed Company - Coastal Ride

Like any surfer will tell you, its well worth the wait for the right wave.

Coastal Ride tends to take a little longer to grow, but will be well worth the wait. Patience is necessary and do not over feed. This is a flavourful, fruity strain with a menthol tingle complex, well-balanced effect and soaring high. These plants should produce more than usual numbers of trichomes per sq. cm and resin galore.

Coastal Ride is a mixture of Lemon Skunk, Hawaiian Satvia and Durban Poison that works well in the "screen of green" method. The DP adds just the right weight, decreases flowering time, but produces a nice deviation of old school skunk reminiscent of the Amsterdam underground.

Medicine seekers will be very happy to find it leaves you wide awake and provides good pain relief. Although not proven directly with Coastal Ride as of yet, its Hawaiian Sativa ancestry has been proven to provide good visual ocular release and be the preferred variety of glaucoma patients.

Grower Reviews:
"This plant has been real easy to grow! It doesn't want too much water basically sits in the corner and continues to grow."
"I have a feeling they will be real monsters"

Expected Results:
Flowering: 95-100 days
Height: 1.5 meters
Yield: 275-325 gm/m2

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