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Name: Cherry OZone
Züchter: TreeTown Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

TreeTown Seeds - Cherry OZone

We made OZone from a Northern Lights #1 female that produced a main cola that stretched for almost 2 feet without major branching. The flavor, the strength, the ease of grow made it great stock. We put that with our famous "Cherry" AK47, and one of the biggest, strongest, producers was born. Out of our test crop came a very special pheno, a throwback to a mainly AK47 pheno that was extremely strong. When we tested it it went over 21% THC from a GLPC at Steep Hill Lab. We saved it, and started planning.

We went around what we wanted to do with it. A major response was customers wanted a "Cherry AK", our charter says we cant "copycat" genetics, or take the same strain, and sell its singular crosses. So we made the decision to make the closest version we could from this shinning example. After our AK47 male was backcrossed 2 times into the OZone, we crossed it with our new found pheno to make the closest example we found to a Cherry AK, Cherry OZone was born.

This is our first IBL strain. It has a 90%+ uniformity. Not the easiest to grow, but the results are worth the work. The environment, PH, and proper PPMs are needed to get the best results. No pruning, topping, or training are need like all of the rest of our strains. The results are a light cherry flavor, and a almost too strong of a smoke that will make your sock curl. If you are looking for the strongest strain in the Bay, look no further this will blast on anything you have grown before, strap in and get ready for launch!

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