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Bubba Doja
Quest Genetics
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

The Pre98 Bubba Kush is well known worldwide for it wonderful deep kushy and coffee like taste and smell! Not too mention the asthetic appeal with the trichome production. One of my all time top 3 smokes and many would agree with me. It definitely desereves its legendary status! Hitting Pre98Bubba Kush with my selective bred Double Purple Doja f6 male increased the vigor in the cross, along with increasing the yield one the Bubba. Some plants vary in structure but both parents are bushy and rigid structured. The 50/50 phenotypes tend to have the best of both worlds. The Pre98Bubba has a potent smell that may require air filters. Especially when working in the garden, brushing up against plants. Very nice outcome on these projects. The selective bred Double Pure Doja f6 male color dominates and may add a grapey taste or smell of the Pre98Bubba!!

Pre98 Bubba also is notoriously potent with many test results around 25% thc are on the net. This IS a night time smoke only, for real! Unless you just want to sit there and eat and play video games or watch dvds! Serious couchlock and body stone. Great for appetite, insomnia and pain releif. Great medicinal strain.

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Plant Height: Short

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