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Name: Blue Sonja
Züchter: GrindHouse
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

GrindHouse Medical Seeds Co. - Blue Sonja

Blue Sonja , a select pheno named after my late mother-in-law was a lone female found in a pack of seeds given to me . The 1 female out of 4 seeds was pollinated with this thick , hardy , aromatic brother to produce "F2"

Upon finishing Blue Sonja , we evaluated her potency and taste and knew we found something exceptionally unique . The first thing noted while smoking her is a familiar , ild school taste with light , BlueBerry and smooth herbal undertones . Not a played out taste by any means , but where she really shines is in her vast applications for "head" .Med Patients may find relief from severalconditions including , but not limited to : Attitude management and overall emotional wellbeing . The quality and complexity of high are so apparent while smoking , one may feel as if floating on a "Cloud 9" high and at times , euphoric . The Sativa in this girl brings forth some brain tingling and wonderfully cerebral effects and feelings . Deep thought and clarity can also be captured while using . Another great quality , after smoking this same strain for some time , you can still enjoy the benefits without fear of burnout . (Thou variety is a Spice Of Life)
Blue Sonja grows with fair speed , She has medium slender leaves , and showing her sativa heritage , she grows with an elongated internode to allow copious amounts of light in . Expect 2-3 times the stretch , so trigger 'em accordingly . Showing sex typically after the second week , blooming won't really ramp up 'till tha 7th week , when they really start to put on weight . Blue Sonja finishes in approx. 70 days . Heavy yields are obtainable with some skill . She can be grown as a multi-branched plant or sea of green , they can handle plenty of ferts with little fear and are a hardy and adaptable strain , though attention at the end is best , as they do get quite hard and dense and to the unwatchfull eye , develop mold in certain environments . They can handle heat extremely well still giving rock hard results .
After finding BS and creating "F2" seed , we germed and planted a fair number , for the sole purpose of finding a father for our first backcross . After watching and evaluating many candidates , we found tha perfect male . His stature was almost identical to BS , as was his aroma which is what we were looking for , but also the sheer volume and density compared to the other males was quite significant , and so , was decided to use . Again , planting a fair sized population , but of tha Blue Sonja BX1 generation , we saw that our father selected produced predictable harvests of tangy nugs . Friends and Med Patients alike have come back , amazed with the results.
This line was derived from BlockHead , a very potent stain from Breeder Steve and his team at Spice Of Life . "The mother was selected from seed devaloped by one crazy yanqui . The exact origins are somewhat of a mystery ; It is strong pot . The feminized mothers were fairly homogonous , although from several of the line , and another more stong sativa . This mother had indica like buds on a Sativa sized plant . Crossed with the same SwtTooth father as SwtTooth #3 , I am very sure you will find it distinctly different from anything on tha market ". SweetTooth is a hybrid , a bx line consisting of SPG and Blueberry from DJ Short , "with an emphasis on the taxonomy and aroma of the original Sweet Pink Grapefruit .

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