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Blue Cheese
Trump Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~63 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

THC Content: 24% +
Sex: Feminised
Flowering Time: 9 to 10 weeks
Flowering Type: Photoperiod
Variety: 70% Indica : 30% Sativa
Genetics: MASTER M.Ds F1 old school Cheese x old school Blueberry

CBD Content: Low (1.5%)
Height: 120 - 140 cm
Yield: 650 gr/m2
Flavour: Cheese / Blueberry
Taste: very strong Blue Cheese

As a grower for over 30 years in Amsterdam This Blue Cheese has been in the making for many years now, I got my best uk blueberry mother plant I had which I have kept going for years because of its taste and potency (old school uk blueberry plant 5 star) and I got the best tasting uk Cheese off an old school Rasta grower also a 5 star plant both female, Then I turned a few branches of the Cheese plant to male using a hormone spray spraying the branches I selected to spray once a day for the first two weeks on 12 hours light and 12 hours dark (bud mode) then after 8 weeks I had some feminised Cheese Pollen. Then I got my Blueberry mother plant and put it on 12 hours light and 12 hours dark (bud mode) and as soon as I saw the right amount of white hairs showing (flower mode) I blitzed it with my Cheese pollen and waited for 10 weeks and got some amazing Blue Cheese seeds!!! Then I grew the new seeds and took them all to full bud. Once the plants were ready I then cropped most of the plants down to dry and test smoke But leaving enough leaf & bud on all the plants that I had part cropped to regenerate the plant that was the best taste & hit to turn the chosen plant to seed to get very stable Blue Cheese seeds, After choosing the best tasting & potent plant to regenerate I put it on 18 hours of light for about 12 weeks until it had enough leaf heads and large fan leafs on it, basically a nice bushy plant then I put it on 12 hours light and 12 hours dark (bud mode) at the same time spraying some of the branches with Tiresias mist to turn to male to pollinate itself, After 3 weeks there was plenty of pollen on the branches I had sprayed so I cut the male branches off and shook them over the female parts of the Blue Cheese plant which had plenty white hairs, After about 11 weeks of budding the seeds were ready so I harvested the plant dried it and separated all the good seeds, Then I grew some of the new F1 hybrid first generation Blue Cheese seeds and took to bud, cropped plants dried plants cured bud and then FINALLY smoked some bud which tasted absolutely gorgeous & was very potent yes it took some time but it was worth it because I now have a lifetime supply of absolute quality Blue Cheese seeds and as for the plants they were all top quality plants and stable like I said earlier these Seeds took me a very, very, very long time (years) and you can get these seeds now at a click of a mouse button today!!!!Limited stock buy now whilst in stock !!! As a grower I have kept enough seeds for myself and the rest of the seeds I have only sold to this one seller only so Nobody else has these seeds for sale only this seller (Trump Seeds) So beware of snide seeds sellers if you have not bought them from Trump Seeds they are not my seeds ...signed the breeder Master M.Ds

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