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Black SS
Breeders Boutique
indoor, outdoor
~63 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Excellent yielding hybrid of Black Rose and Sensi Star, aptly named by the Breeder Black SS (Scout Sniper). This strain comes from the Breeder who has also given us the, Sour Cherry Strain which has received excellent feedback. Here's what the they said: Hold on this one creeps on on ya. Then out of now where it hits you like a snipers bullet. Now your situational awareness is gone. Then the racy thoughts, where are my keys, oh no, where am I, and damn I need some water.

Two heavy hitters, Heath Robinson's Black Rose x Sensi Star. The female I ran as a mother for about 2.5 years. When she was germinated as a seed she was quite dumpy so I had doubts of whether I should keep it. However an old friend and fellow Breeder at the Boutique urged me to keep her. She still keeps her place among my mothers to this day.

This is some great allround cannabis. Fat tight buds that really thrive in a SCROG method and have great vigour. I never got that much Purple from this cross as not all the F1's from the Black Rose crosses provide colour. Very vigorous plant that makes a beginner look like an old hand. A very easy to grow plant and well recommended.

The breeder prefers organics with super soil ph'd from 6.0-6.5 for this variety.

Genetics: Heath Robinsons 'Black Rose' x Sensi Star
Flowering Time: 9 weeks

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Breeders Boutique Black SSBreeders Boutique Black SS

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