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Name: Auto Rainbow Bubble
Züchter: Mudro Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Blütezeit: Automatisch blühend
~70 Tage (von der Keimung bis zur Ernte.)

Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Mudro Seeds - Auto Rainbow Bubble

Total weightlessness. Ease. A saturated coniferous aroma with a taste of the selected Afghan gush. A whimsical mysterious iridescent border between two worlds.

This light, cheerful rainbow ball, which has a rich range of flavors and sensations, is able to pick up your guest who will one day want to go inside it. Look, this is the new brand AUTO RAINBOW BUBBLE FEM - a living, playful fairy-tale rainbow bubble that literally lifts its guest in a physical and moral sense. Feel the whole beauty of the bubble by letting it inside immediately after which you will be in weightlessness, but already inside it!

The lightness that forms in the body after the iridescent "bubble" is able to provide a hovering in the relaxing hovering in observing the interference of the outside world in the silent drift of the air streams of the neighboring reality ...

A new shocking hybrid of sativa and india with the simply bred genetics of Bubblegum X Big Bud X Skunk # 1 guarantees the brightest, and sometimes strong, experiences and sensations from flying inside the rainbow ball. The aura and energy of this variety is very similar to the shape of the human aura, which ensures the friendliness of the relationship even if the flight will be slightly turbulent, as evidenced by high TNC grades.

The growth of AUTO RAINBOW BUBBLE FEM is rather low, but this quality is sometimes so necessary and so is in demand for even hems. This grade is suitable for bearded grover, because as it has an emulsion of novelty, and a beginner, he can charm his unpretentiousness in the storm with a sea of rainbow positive with a rise of feelings and sensory. The life cycle takes about 10 weeks and depends largely on the environment in which it is entrenched.

In any case, he will be happy, both in the open and closed ground. The average yields are 50-100 gr. can reach and large figures, but the strength and rainbow shine of this variety will not leave indifferent any researcher of the world of rainbow bulbas.

This is a truly magical bubble - an island of weightlessness, lightness and bright rainbow colors. He takes off sharply up, hangs and bursts, all as usual.

And yes, - a bursting bubble can provide a hard landing, so take with you an airbag!

Type: Sativa / Indica gibrid
Genetics: Bubblegum X Big Bud X Skunk # 1 X Ruderalis Indica
Application: Indoor / Outdoor
Height: medium
THC: Highs
From seed to harvest: 10 weeks
Productivity: 30-100 gr / plant

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