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Auto Nice Diesel
Mudro Seeds
indoor, outdoor
Automatisch blühend
~67 Tage (von der Keimung bis zur Ernte.)
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Auto NICE DIESEL FEM is the new author's work of Mudro Seeds, which is made in the best traditions of the legendary NYC diesel and Blue Diesel grades with the introduction of the best shades of wild raw force of Rudelaris Indica in them. It is this author combination that allows the new grade NICE DIESEL FEM to confidently assert itself in the expanses of the cannabis seed and be the best among its kind.

NICE DIESEL is a practical universal hybrid, the height of which can be different depending on the breadth and method of cultivation. He can be squat in a closed ground, but can "reveal" in full growth in the out.

High indicators of TNS caused by a unique combination of genetics of NYC diesel and Blue Diesel in combination with Rudelaris Indica make this brand of marijuana a truly effective means of emotional breakaway with a characteristic for powerful diesel traction indicators:

The motor, hidden inside this sort, works like a clock and can jerk forward even at low speeds!

The life cycle of the plant takes up to 10 weeks, the culmination of which is a moderate but very worthy and sometimes intriguing crop, the value of which reaches 150 grams from the bush ...

Nice Diesel fem - the most legendary, reliable and economical Diesel, whose fuel consumption will ensure a long journey through the new highways and autobahns of an exciting impetuous trip.

You are the driver of this tool and, as with this driver, it all depends on you:

You can enjoy the road slowly and steadily, watching the oncoming traffic of intermittent lanes of road markings and magnificent landscapes of the surrounding world. And you can raise the engine's speed and jerk forward, washing away what's outside the window, turning what's happening around into a magnificent rainbow moire, and enjoying the overload from accelerating. Everything depends on you and correctly selected "turns" this "car" - with a manual gearbox.

You can be sure of the reliability and power of the Nice Diesel engine, and remember: MOTOR is turbo charged. That's why, do not sharply pressure the accelerator pedal and watch the tachometer.

Type: Sativa / Indica
Genetics: Blue Diesel * NYC Diesel * Ruderalis Indica
Application: Indoor / Outdoor
Height: medium
THC: Highs
From sunflower seeds to harvest :: 9-10 weeks
Productivity: 50-100gr / plant

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